The 1st rotation at the farm is now over 😦 but people will keep the blog updated in community service. The focus of the art group at the farm has changed from blog to film. Here are some art projects happening at the Wavecrest Adolescent Community:


We worked on still life drawings and recreating images from post cards a couple weeks ago and now we are working in 3D.  


For the past few classes we’ve been working on making creatures with paper mache. We took one characteristic each from at least five different animals and made them into one being. Most of us are still building our creatures:



Guess what this one is derived from:



post by: Cailley



Moisture-loaded air rushes into my nostrils as I take a deep breath. A stray wisp of brown hair tickles my face, escaped from my loose ponytail. I hug my knees to my chest, trying to trap what little heat I can inside my body. I peek out through my tiny window, curtained by sweeping willow fronds, and watch the world beyond with wide eyes. I seem a universe away from the bustling people, a world distant from the busy activity. My eyes fall upon a tiny puddle, its mirror-like surface reflecting the sky. Clouds scuttle across my miniature looking-glass, helped along their journey by a caressing breeze. I shape my lips into an O and blow gently onto my puddle, sending ripples rushing across the glassy water and distorting the perfect image held within the confines of its muddy banks. With a small smile, I dust my jeans off and heave myself up, sending tiny droplets cascading down onto my hair from the willow’s petioles. I push the dew-loaded fronds away from my face and exit my bubble, my safe haven. As I step out into the frigid world beyond, I step in my puddle and break the reflection of the sky into a thousand shards.

Story by: Meiya


This week, the last week of the first farm rotation, the Health and Wellness group purchased new aprons. Some glitter glue, and a bunch of creativity later we have these bright, colorful, cover-ups:


As today is only a half day, our cooking group is not providing us with a full meal, but instead a snack of chocolate chip cookies!




Today, there were many mushrooms. They were dripping with water from the recent rain.

This one had an interesting ruffly thing on its stem.

 Another resembled a marshmallow.Ruffly mushroomSquare Mushroom

Guava bliss

The soft rain falls gently of my face,

sending needles of ice into my shivering body,

cold and with soggy feet I search for guavas

despreatly searching for something,

something to brighten my day on this doomsday

finally i find one,

I hold it nothing can go wrong now

as I open it a bug flys by my head

and I instinctly waved it away

at that moment it falls…


I see it in slow motion,

I reach out,

its too late.

by $Kevdog$






On the last day of the Farm Rotation we went on a food tour. I found Guavas at the upper farm near the citrus. I saw three kinds, apple (left), strawberry (top), and pineapple (right)! All of them were DELICIOUS. Happy Thursday!

Today, what we looked at is this:


Collateral Damage by E.A. Chase




saw player

Abstract designs

Cube by Gary Dwyer


Rocky Dogs by Michael Eckerman



This is what we looked at today